Land of Gods

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Ruby Aderbad works with an MNC and is an avid traveller who likes to digitally capture memories. Talking about her love for the mountains and her recent trip to Spiti, she says, “Every time I’m in the vicinity of these massifs, I’m humbled by their sheer beauty and power. I have tried my best to encapsulate and epitomize the beauty of this place through my lens”.

Majestic mountains, winding roads, rugged landscape and rustic surroundings with the quietly flowing Spiti River; these are the spellbinding vistas that you get to witness when traipsing in Spiti. Known as the ‘Land of Gods’, Spiti Valley is in the north-eastern part of Himachal Pradesh. Primarily a Buddhist dominated region, Spiti is home to some of the most beautiful monasteries situated on the rooftops of the Indian subcontinent. Often regarded as a cold desert, the high mountains of this valley are heavenly and truly magnificent. Here are some of the images captured by Ruby Aderbad on her recent trip to Spiti.

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Land of Gods | Ruby Aderbad
by Mystica Vora
more at Smart Photography

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