Rural Vistas

A special thanks to all the photographers that shared their best rural shots in this photo contest

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner “Lost in time!!!!! ” by erickgarza
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Congratulations Runner Up “Lost in the mist.. ” by elenapardini
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Congratulations Runner Up “bellings ” by joecas
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Congratulations Runner Up “THE MILL ” by vladsokolovsky
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Congratulations People’s Choice “Morning Revelation 2 ” by Hstarr
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Long Exposure Street Photography

Photographer Visualizes Hearing Loss as Artistically Blurred Street Photography

Viewing his photos as paintings, Chilean photographer Eduardo Asenjo Matus has a unique technique for capturing the spirit of his environment. Using a neutral density filter, he employs long exposures to focus in on his primary subject, leaving the rest in an artistic blur. The former graphic design and architecture student started this series, The Sound of Silence, in 2015 as a way to reflect his own emotions.

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Long Exposure Street Photography
by Eduardo Asenjo Matus

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3 Free Guides That Will Help You Get the Hang of Exposure in Photography

Exposure is among the first few technical concepts you must master on your way to learning photography. A proper understanding of exposure lays the foundation for achieving good photographic results consistently. If you have struggled to master exposure or haven’t had the chance to learn it yet, here are three free guides from Photzy to help you get started.

1- Quick Guide to Exposure

2- The Why, When and How of Exposure Compensation

3- The Art of Metering and Exposure

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3 Free Guides That Will Help You Get the Hang of Exposure in Photography
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If I Had a Photograph of You

It’s not the way you look
It’s not the way that you smile
Although there’s something to them
It’s not the way you have your hair
It’s not that certain smile
It could be that with you
If I had a photograph of you
It’s something to remind me
I wouldn’t spend my life just wishing

‘Every time I am going to dinner with my friends, I always say, “You guys better stay off your phones, otherwise I am not coming.” It’s really important to be present in life.’

Growing up Irina Shayk had never seen a fashion magazine, now she’s one of the best-known models of her generation.
She talks to Jane Mulkerrins about how she did it, and why she’s so determined to keep her private life private

… The 32-year-old may have clocked up 10 million followers on Instagram, dated the world’s most famous footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, for five years, and now have a one-year-old daughter with her boyfriend, Hollywood A-lister Bradley Cooper. But none of this is up for discussion. Shayk has never spoken about her current or previous partners and, save for the occasional paparazzi shot and a select few red carpet appearances, such as this year’s Met Gala, she and Cooper are rarely seen together. This is not going to change today.

‘That’s why it’s called a personal life, because it’s mine,’ she says, simply but firmly. ‘I am really protective of it. I don’t feel like I have to talk about it or promote it. Outside of my job, I am a normal person, and I want to walk outside of my house like a normal person. I don’t want somebody sticking their nose in my stuff.’ Right then. I consider myself forewarned. At one point later on, I observe that it must be harder to travel for any length of time now that she has a daughter to get home to. ‘It’s true,’ she says, briskly shutting the subject down. Again. …

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Irina Shayk by Ellen von Unwerth
for Evening Standard Magazine July 2018

Alejandra Ruiz Rato poursuit ses rêves

Su lema es ser iel a uno mismo y luchar por lo que uno sueña. De sus padres ha aprendido a ser humilde y respetar a los demás, y de los animales, que no sobrevive el más fuerte, sino el que mejor se adapta. Alejandra Ruiz Rato es un torbellino de energía, vitalidad, sueños e inquitudes que al despertarse por la mañana da gracias por tener la suerte de vivir un día más. Pasamos una jornada con la hija mayor de Patricia Rato y Juan Antonio Ruiz, Espartaco, en su escenario preferido: la naturaleza y junto a su perro Nilo, en un excepcional reportaje en el que posa con estilo boho chic y make up de Yves Saint Laurent Beauté.

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Alejandra Ruiz Rato poursuit ses rêves
Fotógrafo: Jesús Cordero

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Fine Art Weddings

Scott Johnson FBIPP FSWPP Master Photographer is an Internationally recognised, award-winning photographer based in Essex, U.K, and has photographed wedding all across Europe and the United States. Known for being fun and energetic, Scott also travels the world as an educator and mentor.

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Fine Art Weddings
by Scott Johnson

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