Ethereal featuring ‘Dark Idea’ | Photography by Topher Gould

Kristopher “Topher” Gould was born in 1979 in a small southeastern town in Wisconsin. He first sought out a Kodak 110 Camera when he was just five years old, taking photos for fun. This was a hobby he had shared with his father and his grandfather, who were both professional photographers and artists at the time. His first official photography assignment was when he was in college, shooting at an event for Microsoft.

During his college years, he majored in graphic design and graduated in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in art. He has worked since then in the graphic design industry. His determination to make the images he was editing look more professional before the editing process led him back into photography. In 2012, he purchased his first DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera. Going into his favorite hobby, he decided in 2013 he would turn this interest into a profession. During that same year, he purchased a Nikon D800, the top of the line camera at the time, but he had no idea how to operate the interesting piece of equipment.

He moved to Portland, Oregon, knowing that some of his friends who were also photographers there could help kick off his burning passions. Once he arrived, he decided that he wanted to separate himself from the past, and prefers to be called by his pen name,”Topher.” With the help of fellow photographers, makeup artists, designers, hairstylists, and models, he made his photography company, Dark Idea Photography & Design LLC, a reality.

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Ethereal featuring ‘Dark Idea’ | Photography by Topher Gould
via magcloud


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