Monochrome Landscapes by Takashi

I’m a photographer specialized in Mt Fuji. Few years ago, I stayed in my car all night at the shores of Lake Yamanaka for the purpose of taking a photo of Mount Fuji for the first time. When I woke up from a short sleep, I could not see anything because it was shrouded in a white deep fog. When I stood at the hill after I slipped out from the white world before dawn, Mount Fuji and the sea of clouds on Lake Yamanaka were an amazingly beautiful sight, like another world. Returning to the shores of Lake Yamanaka, the upper part of the fog opened and Mount Fuji emerged over the fog. And a white swan, shining by the morning sun, came swimming in front of me. It was an incredibly beautiful scene, as if I was in a dream. After that moment I became a prisoner of Mount Fuji. Since then, taking photos means capturing Mount Fuji to me.

Creation 2
— – —

Flow of cloud (blue ink version)
— – —

Valley of clouds (Blue ink virsion)
— – —

Silhouette of Starry Sky
— – —

Beyond the Mist
— – —

Orion and Mt Fuji
— – —

Mountain climbing of the heavens
— – —

Monochrome Landscapes by Takashi
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