Hi-tech Tokyo

Sam Pritchard is captivated by Japan’s futuristic architecture at night.

Tokyo has been destroyed and reconstructed twice in the twentieth century, so compared to London and other European cities that exhibit more of a fusion of classical and modern architecture, Tokyo’s skyline and fabric appears to be more modern, consisting largely of buildings built during the bubble economy. Buildings made of stone or brick are an exception – everything seems to be clad in glass, tile or synthetic material. There are hardly any arches either – everything is straight lines and the sloped angles of the upper floors of apartment buildings seem synonymous with Tokyo. This adds to the Lego-like appearance.

The high population density requires that available living space is used efficiently and innovatively, so you can find anything from sports grounds to driving schools on the rooftops. This density and constant activity give it a futuristic vibe, while the fluorescent neon signage illuminates the city at night.

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Hi-tech Tokyo

more in EOS Magazine


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