Dog Photographer of the Year

Dogs are more popular than ever. In the hearts and minds of people everywhere, dogs are true companions and make a real difference to our lives.

Overall Winner and Man’s Best Friend 1st Place Winner Maria Davison Ramos, Portugal
Title of image: ‘A Girl’s Best Friend’
Dog: Yzma, cross breed and rescue dog
— – —

Dogs at Play Category 1st Place Winner Kaylee Greer, USA
Title of image: “Splash!”
Dog: Petey, Wheaten Terrier
— – —

Dog Portrait 1st Place Winner, Anastasia Vetkovskaya, Russia
Title of image: ‘Black Beauty’
Dog: Sisley- Shou Gerat Grant Ahtiar Ak Jar, Afghan Hound
— – —

Oldies Category 1st Place Winner John Liot, UK
Title of image: “Kelly in her spot.”
Dog: Kelly, Unknown Breed, Cross Breed
— – —

Puppies Category 1st Place Winner Mirjam Schreurs, Netherlands
Title of image: ‘Full Concentration’
Dog: Tyson, boxer
— – —

Rescue Dogs Charity Category 3rd Place Winner Kaylee Greer, USA
Title of image: “Home.”
Dog: Joshua, Pitbull Terrier (cross breed)
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Photographing Penguins

Penguins make utterly wonderful subjects for anyone’s photography. They instill a great feeling of happiness in all who come into contact with them, and it’s our job as photographers to convey that to anyone who sees our work.
by Andy Rouse

— – —

Photographing Penguins
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Wayne Quilliam – Aboriginal Photographer

Professor Wayne Quilliam is one of Australia’s leading Aboriginal photographers. As a visual storyteller, he helps spread age-old stories and the culture from the Australian Aborigines to the world.

— – —

Wayne Quilliam
Aboriginal Photographer

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Earth Day 2017

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing the beauty of our planet in the Earth Day 2017 Photo Contest

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner “Artistic earth” by Shabogi
— – —

Congratulations Runner Up “Gullfoss Sunset ” by Tor-Ivar
— – —

Congratulations Runner Up “Bear Grass In The Misty Forest” by DaveCornelison
— – —

Congratulations Amateur Winner “Last light ” by LaYue
— – —

Congratulations People’s Choice “Gili T Sunset” by Aderizal
— – —

Earth Day 2017 Photo Contest Winners
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Hotness is what you want it to be… it can never be a static definition.

The Hot 100 | The most beautiful, bold, and brilliant women in the world.
For this year’s Hot 100, we looked for beautiful and bold women who use their platforms—whether Instagram or celebrity megaphone—to define and express themselves. They are actresses, athletes, musicians, and models, yes, but also brand builders, entrepreneurs, and voices of a generation.

World’s Sexiest Women
Call us prophetic or call us imaginative innovators, there’s something about this List that brings out the best in democracy. Maxim’s Hot 100, the definitive list of the world’s most beautiful women, has once again shown us the power of women and how they’re redefining what “sexy” really means. We’re just applauding.
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The Hot 100

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Framing Humanity | Sebastião Salgado

Superlatives are hard to avoid when describing the work of Sebastião Salgado. Recently, one magazine hailed him as the ‘world’s greatest living photographer’ and while such statements are often thoughtlessly attributed to many lesser mortals, it is difficult to argue against such a claim for the Paris-based artist. Now 73, Salgado is renowned for the epic scale of his photographic projects, involving years of planning, travelling and editing, all with a painstaking devotion to create books as heavy as coffee tables and exhibitions that fill the world’s grandest museums.

“I like to photograph large…there is a lot of information inside my pictures. To have information I must give space and to give space I must give depth of field too.”
— – —

Framing Humanity
by Sebastião Salgado

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I costumi più hot di stagione, tra intrecci e nuance naturali.
Isabel Scholten by Xavi Gordo for Glamour Italia

Effetto hand made
Capelli Marco Minunno @ WM-Management using Tecni.Art L’Oréal Professionnel. Trucco Roman Gasser @ WM-Management using Mac Cosmetics. Modella Isabel Scholten @ Monster. Ha collaborato Michelle Bennati. Produzione Floater Productions.

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