Setas y Luz

Entender y modelar la luz es fundamental para un fotografo pues, junto con la composicion, forman las bases de la expresividad de nuestras imagenes micologicas.

Stropharia semiglobata
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Técnica Fotográfica por Álex Alonso
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Black and White by Anna Niemiec

“I live in Poland. I have a magister scientiae degree in biology. I have always been interested in photography, although I have just recently started shooting my own photos, not long before the July of 2010 to be exact. But, well, before I had time to reconsider, I have found myself addicted to photography, so I really cannot live without it anymore. I am trying to learn and I do learn a lot every day, I try hard to make up for many passed years, so I am really keen on everything what comes with the photography.

I like taking photos of the city – empty streets at the break of dawn, which unveil the unexpected landscape of forms and figures. And that run of the mill routine of city’s life, when every second, caught by the lens of my camera, tells an untold tale – sometimes a gay one, sometimes peculiar, reflective or just purely absurd.

The light, the shape, the colour – its greyness, its peculiarity, some interesting man, an evanescent spell, a pleasantry. To make it last just for a second longer by keeping it in a frame! Wishful thinking! – it’s tedious work, but, still, I do my best. And, although I do not always succeed, I do feel extremely enthusiastic about it.”
— Anna Niemiec

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Black and White by Anna Niemiec
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Shoot in Style

Iconic Limited Edition Cameras of the Century
The “limited edition” label is often reserved by manufacturers for their most monumental designs. And in the world of imaging, only a handful of cameras bear this title for their ingenuity.
In spotlight below are some of the most exceptional image snappers crafted by regarded names in the industry—cameras heeding the call of strategic collaboration, luxurious craftsmanship, and momentous significance that are all worthy to be heralded as icons of a generation.

Shoot in Style
Captivating Limited Edition Snappers

via Speed Magazine – June 2017

Iconic Places Through The Eyes Of Creative Photographers

Iconic Places Through The Eyes Of Creative Photographers

“Hemisfèric to the Palau de les Arts” by The-Art-of-Darkness
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“A Night at the Opera” by marcusburtenshaw
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“Amsterdam Canal Houses” by michaelvanderburg
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“Guide the Light ” by albertdros
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“Capitol Christmas” by tonybrooks
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“Kelpies composite – v4” by dereksouter
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Iconic Places Through The Eyes Of Creative Photographers
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Travelling the light fantastic

Lucie Debelkova: living for the dream destination
Top travel photographer and Canon Explorer Lucie Debelkova lives for the thrill of new horizons. She reveals to CPN Editor David Corfield her motivations and vision and how social media, Canon’s EOS 5DS and three EF zoom lenses help her discover and record what she sees…

Canon Explorer Lucie Debelkova discovers new horizons with the EOS 5DS.
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In conversation with Pete Oxford

Conservation photographer Pete Oxford has spent more than three decades documenting environmental issues in Ecuador. From the Galápagos to the Amazon, he uses his imagery to draw attention to the natural world in decline. To do so, he must cast his net wide. ‘I specialise in being a generalist,’ he says.

In conversation with Pete Oxford
Interview by Nick Smith
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