Love is in the Air

“There’s so much I want to capture in my work, I feel sometimes I miss the boat on it completely. I’m really fueled by cinematic imagery…” Kaitlyn Mikayla

“I’d been dying to do a sexy bedroom set for awhile, but feared it would look like a cheesy Lifetime movie or a silly Cosmo sex article. It’d been a challenge to find two models who were actually in love, but when Alexis contacted me, I instantly knew she and Mark would be the one. We met up at Arlo Hotels, who were gracious enough to offer us a room to shoot.” tells New York based photographer Kaitlyn Mikayl. “I was so nervous because I’d never shot anything this hot. But Alexis Fabie & Mark Mandia immediately put me at ease. They were so comfortable being intimate on camera which made everything a breeze. And yes, they’re truly so in love that it’s infectious. I’ve never left a shoot in such a romantic mood.”
— – —

Love is in the Air
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