“Bordelle & Zellen” by Jürgen Chill

With the photography series “bordelle & zellen” (“bordellos & cells”), the photographic artist Jürgen Chill penetrates milieus which are not accessible to everyone, but radiate a concealed fascination. Personal, intimate locations which not many know…

In his photographic works Jürgen Chill proceeds in a sober-minded, precise and deserted manner in the search of traces of life and activity in these private realms. The unusual perspective depiction and the high resolution of the largeformat photographs provide an astonishingly authentic view of the concealed realities of these worlds.

High detail precision, spatial associations as well as the function of rooms are the focus and form the image in his graphic reproduction. The spatial situations as well as the suggestive events in the rooms will be scrutinised by means of a shooting technique which goes beyond the optical laws of perception. The artist finds unseen images ― details which remain concealed in our everyday perception and which allow us to newly perceive the existing.

“Bordelle & Zellen” by Jürgen Chill
via Lens Magazine — The Meaning of Home

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