Gardens At Night

This was a winner for me early on in the submission stage. Magical reflections, image full of interest, the colours are glorious, I’m glad the photographer didn’t enhance them I really like the pastel tone to the whole image. The bridge perfectly set in the composition. It’s not crystal sharp but that gives it an ethereal feel. Even the shard of light on the left adds to the image. Well done seriously jealous to have been there let alone take the picture……..

Light up in the garden of Eikando Temple by Patosan
Judge Winner
— – —

There were a few entries of these Super Trees but this one took it with its sharpness, composition and sheer amount within the image…… This is a perfect advert for one of the worlds greatest attractions. The detail is gorgeous and I really like the close framing at the edges, great positioning of trunks and inclusion of whole circle walkway. Thank you for including it in my contest, very jealous.

Supertrees at Night by Mathew Browne
Crowd Winner
— – —

Very nice inclusion to the contest, a supreme example of how b/w makes an image. The subtle tone makes it stand out and the lighting caught my eye instantly. Nice composition of the whole photo vanishing of to the left and the dark light split on the right side, the hazy blur and the heavy visible trunks, magical.

Turkish garden after watering by psilo
Judge 4th – Crowd 9th
— – —

Nightglow by Kevin Childress
Judge Commended – Crowd 2th
— – —

Untitled by Arkady
— – —

Gardens At Night
Created by Simon Hadleigh-Sparks

more at Photocrowd


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