World Photographic Cup

World Photographic Cup
2017 Winners

Pepe Soho, Mexico
Nature – Gold Medal
— – —

Eelena Malsheva, Russia
Portrait – Gold Medal
— – —

Antti Karppinen, Finland
Illustrative – Gold Medal
— – —

Lee Howell, United Kingdom
Wedding – Gold Medal
— – —

Dušan Holovej, Slovakia
Commercial – Gold Medal
— – —

Goh Wee Seng, Singapore
Reportage – Gold Medal
— – —

Andreas Zopf, Austria
Wedding – Silver Medal
— – —

Peter Svoboda, Slovakia
Reportage – 9th place
— – —

Amber Griffin, New Zealand
Commercial – Silver Medal
— – —

Barbara Breitsameter, United States of America
Commercial – 4th place
— – —

Since its beginnings, photography as an art has brought people together. So it is not surprising that there is a special bond between photographers – regardless of where they come from. The brotherhood and sisterhood of photography is a bond that transcends language, culture, and geography. That’s the foundation behind the World Photographic Cup, an one of a kind international team competition created in 2013, celebrating photography in a way never dreamed of before. Sure, there are lots of other competitions, but there is just one World Photographic Cup.

more 2017 Winners at World Photographic Cup


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