A Passion That Keeps Growing | Jon Blake

Jon Blake | Landscape Photography
Interview by Harris Lim

Pier Pressure
— – —

My approach to landscape photography is a process.  I imbed myself into a landscape scene and wait for the light to perfect as time passes through.  My hope is to present images which transport you – as though you were there with me when captured.  I want my work to trigger all of your senses so that you not only see the scene, but are transformed into it; that you can hear the splash, smell the mud, feel the sting of cold on your face and taste the pollen on the back of your throat.  If I’ve brought you along with me into another place, I’ve successfully done my job.

Converging Elements
— – —

My love for photography began when my best friend and I took a photography course in middle school. It catalyzed a passion that I maintain to this day. I love learning new techniques and methods to express my creativity in my images; and I’m thrilled to share them with you. I’m continually amazed at how well my photographs are received, and that positivity energizes my passion all over again.

For Whom The Bells Toll
— – —

Every photo I share with you has a story of its origin. Although you weren’t there with me for the journey, my hope is that you’ll feel transported back to the moment when it was captured.

Goblet of Fire
— – —

Thanks for considering my work, and for supporting the arts!

The Edge of Time
— – —

A Passion That Keeps Growing
Jon Blake | Landscape Photography

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