The Power Of Photography

The Power Of Photography
from: “10 Images That Made The World Pay Attention In 2016”

The World Press Photo competition winners have been announced and here are 10 of the incredible images praised by the judging panel that are both powerful and harrowing.

power02a© Jonathan Bachman, Thomson Reuters. Lone activist Ieshia Evans stands her ground while offering her hands for arrest as she is charged by riot police.
— – —

power02b© Ameer Alhalbi, Agence France-Presse. A Syrian man evacuates an area following a reported airstrike.
— – —

power02c© Sergey Ponomarev, for The New York Times. A family flees the fighting in Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city, as oil fields burned in Qayyara, Iraq.
— – —

power02d© Amber Bracken. A man is treated with milk of magnesia after being pepper sprayed by police at the blockade on highway 1806.
— – —

power02e© Valery Melnikov, Rossiya Segodnya. Civilians escape from a fire at a house destroyed by an air attack in the Luhanskaya village.
— – —

10 Images That Made The World Pay Attention In 2016
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