The Corset Jacket

Kendall Jenner debuts La Perla’s redefinition of the modern suit.
Sensual, Beautiful, Comfortable – The Corset Jacket reworks the concept of tailoring through innovative craftsmanship and La Perla’s devotion to dressing women how they want to feel.

laperlakjDesigned by Julia Haart, Creative Director of La Perla, the Corset Jacket is the standout style in a collection that promises liberation from constrictive clothing. Kendall Jenner debuts this revolutionary piece, adding a youthful, sultry mood to an essential item that translates seamlessly into every area of a woman’s life, from boardroom to evening. This campaign image, photographed by Steven Klein, sees Kendall streaked in rays of light, their precise edges emphasising the jacket’s sleek silhouette. Behind her, an x-ray image of an antiquated corset and its effect on its wearer offers an artful contrast against the comfort of Haart’s contemporary creation.

laperlakj2The support of built-in cups eliminates the need for a bra, allowing the jacket’s sumptuous bi-stretch wool to sit against the skin in a single layer, like lingerie. Elegant hook and eye fastenings create an intimate allure, while finely tailored darts maintain the feel of a sophisticated suit. Sized according to the bust, the Corset Jacket represents Julia Haart’s vision to echo La Perla’s unparalleled knowledge of the female form throughout the ready-to-wear collection.

The Corset Jacket

more at La Perla


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