“The shapes, shadows and textures of today’s architecture offers a wealth of composition opportunities.”

Jim Riche, in his series Urban Abstracts takes us through a tour of possibility, showing us how the contours of a building can move with the eye in such a way that the building seems to dance its way across your screen. The symmetry and the light of these manmade constructs are displayed beautifully.

jimriche02a jimriche02b jimriche02c jimriche02d jimriche02e— – —

Urban Abstracts by Jim Riche
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Adore Noir
Issue 036 • February 2017


‘C’est comme retrouver un vieil ami’

Matt Stuart a essayé le Leica M10.
Le photographe britannique Matt Stuart a été l’un des premiers à avoir la chance d’essayer le nouveau Leica M10, à Bruxelles. Malgré la diversité des différents quartiers de la ville, les résultats présentent beaucoup de points communs : l’originalité et la résonnance authentique de la vie quotidienne de la cité émanent de toutes les photographies réalisées par Matt Stuart, comme autant de véritables petits chefs-d’œuvre. Le boitier lui est tout de suite apparu familier : « Le M10 est exactement comme un Leica argentique : petit et discret. Pour moi, c’est parfait ! C’est comme retrouver un vieil ami. »

mattstuart02a mattstuart02b mattstuart02c mattstuart02d mattstuart02e mattstuart02f— – —

New camera, new city, brilliant as always
Matt Stuart and the Leica M10

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Climate Change: In Focus

Climate Change: In Focus

climatechange02aNo snow, no ice?
by Patty Waymire
— – —

climatechange02bEmperors at the ice edge in Antarctica
by Kira Morris
— – —

by Tomasz Solinski
— – —

climatechange02dOne to five…
by Vladimir Melnik
— – —

climatechange02eClimatic Factories
by Terence Chiew
— – —

Thanks to the thousands of people who participated in this assignment! What better way to understand the real impact of climate change than to ask a global community of photographers to share their stories about it. Our hope was to harness the power of collaborative storytelling and have a real impact on both policy and public perception.

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NOTINDOOR International Photographer of the Year 2016

NOTINDOOR International Photographer of the Year 2016

nidpoty02aFirst Place Winner – Alberto Ghizzi Panizza
The Magic of the Fog
— – —

nidpoty02bSecond Place Winner – Ales Krivec
— – —

nidpoty02cThird Place Winner – Alberto Ghizzi Panizza
Now that you wake me up is better for you to start running
— – —

nidpoty02dHonorable Mention – Bruno Pisani
Among The Ancients
— – —

nidpoty02eRunner-up – Kerry Koepping
Blue and Gold
— – —

NOTINDOOR International Photographer of the Year 2016

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Finding the formula for motorsport success

Action and drama from the world of Formula One through the eyes of a top motorsport photographer.
Motorsports photographer Andrew Hone talks to CPN writer Mark Alexander about panning shots, the demands of shooting F1 and finding a replacement for his stolen go-to lens…

andrewhone02aRefining your skills as a photographer can take a lifetime. In fact, most photographers admit the process never really ends with new equipment and an assortment of techniques providing a never-ending bounty of possibilities. Distilling just a few of these into your photographic trick bag can be a lifelong ambition.

andrewhone02b andrewhone02c andrewhone02d andrewhone02e andrewhone02f andrewhone02gAndrew Hone, a motorsports photographer who covers F1 for LAT Images as a freelancer and previously for Getty Images, has done just that and more, carving out a career based around his ability to freeze action while also creating artistic, almost abstract sports imagery. Add to that telling portraits and an uncanny knack of picking out the smallest detail of a speeding racing car, and you can see why Hone’s instinctive flair and range of skills come into their own on race day.

— – —

Finding the formula for motorsport success
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Landscapes In Black And White

Landscapes In Black And White Photo Contest Winners

bwlandscapes02aCongratulations Grand Jury Winner “The Perfect Splash” by garyhunter_6788
“I found that Perfect Splash by Gary Hunter succeeds in meeting all of the above criteria. It meets all of the benchmarks of both photography in general and B&W in particular. Congratulations, Gary. It’s a stellar image. The moment, mood, composition, and B&W treatment are all exceptional!” – Tim Copper
— – —

bwlandscapes02bCongratulations Runner Up “Winter Sunrise in Bagan” by zayyarlynn
— – —

bwlandscapes02cCongratulations Runner Up “Princes Pier” by MissionMan
— – —

bwlandscapes02dCongratulations Runner Up “EROTIC LANDSCAPE – II” by nikosladic
— – —

bwlandscapes02eCongratulations Runner Up “Dark Hedges” by rogerhampton
— – —

bwlandscapes02fCongratulations Runner Up “The Pier” by CurtisReese
— – —

bwlandscapes02gCongratulations Amateur Winner “xarárfoss s-h (1 of 1) V” by sverrirjnsson
— – —

bwlandscapes02hCongratulations People’s Choice “Reflection Row” by jamierichey
— – —

bwlandscapes02i“Mirror of the sky” by aidagri
— – —

Landscapes In Black And White Photo Contest Winners
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Weather Watch Photography Competition | Winners Announced

The Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers (SINWP)

weatherwatch02a1st Place
Congratulations to Hamish Scott-Brown with this image entitled ‘Sunrise over Flecknoe’
Hamish says’ I was scouting locations in and around my homeland of Warwickshire for some ‘Journeys’ related to my other business. (Photographic Journeys) It was shot at Flecknoe at dawn’
— – —

weatherwatch02b2nd Place
Congratulations to Antony Zacharias with this image entitled ‘Storms at Penmon Lighthouse’
‘This image was taken of Penmon Point Lighthouse in Anglesey, North Wales as a stormy sky brewed late in the day in the distance.’
— – —

weatherwatch02c3rd Place
Congratulations to Peter Jones LSINWP with this image entitled ‘Northern Lights’
— – —

weatherwatch02dHighly Commended

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