Valérie Belin: All Star

Edwynn Houk Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of Valérie Belin’s newest series, All Star.  The exhibition of eleven large-scale color photographs will be on view 19 January – 4 March, 2017.

valeriebelin01a valeriebelin01b valeriebelin01c valeriebelin01d valeriebelin01eFor this series, Belin utilizes the fantastical world of vintage comic books as the inspiration for multilayered portraits that are both visually and psychologically complex.  To create the works, Belin first styles and photographs her models in dramatic lighting reminiscent of film noir.  Then, selecting from an extensive collection of vintage comics, she overlays the image with the chosen comic cover before further abstracting the pictorial surface with her own graphic patterns.  Bursting in from the background, the worlds of the comics interweave with the texture of the portraits to create a sophisticated composition in which variations of movement, line, depth of field and scale are all combined within one surface.

Valérie Belin: All Star
more at Edwynn Houk Gallery


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