Should I shoot manual?

There’s a common misconception that learning to shoot in manual is the key that will unlock the door to more professional-looking images. In reality, most pros work in aperture-priority mode for the majority of the time.

manual01dmanual01aThe difference between manual and the semi-automatic modes (aperture-priority and shutter-priority) is that the latter balances the exposure for you by taking control of one of the three exposure variables. In other words, in shutter-priority, you control shutter speed and ISO, and the camera balances the exposure with the correct aperture. This tends to be a faster way of working, and you can easily use exposure compensation to brighten or darken the shot if desired. You also don’t need to worry about tending to your settings every time you recompose slightly – the camera will make sure your exposure is always correct, even if the light intensity changes. However, unlike in manual, the camera will judge the exposure every time you press the shutter, which isn’t always ideal. Below are three shooting situations when manual is the best option. Or, if you feel more comfortable working in a different mode, stick to it.

manual01b— – —

Should I shoot manual?
from Practical Photography magazine

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