Are you the future of photography?

Are you the future of photography?

gennext01Anita Anti
Blinking Eyes (click image to see)
— – —

If you are a young and talented photographer under 30 years of age seeking to push your career to the next level, enter our Gen NEXT contest and stand the chance to win a broncolor sponsorship. This includes broncolor gear worth $24,000.

The contest is open to all photographers worldwide, and no entry fee is required.

gennext02Cristina Otero
— – —

The contest is open for submission until March 6th, 2017 (until midnight, Central European Time zone, CET)!
Welcome to the future of photography.
Welcome to broncolor Gen NEXT.

gennext03Lara Jade
Costa Rica Shoot
— – —

The first group of broncolor Gen NEXT photographers are Lara Jade, Benjamin Von Wong, Dustin Snipes, Jason Jia, and Manuel Mittelpunkt. They were enforced in 2015 by the second Generation consisting of Anita Anti, Lauri Laukkanen, Yulia Gorbachenko, Gonzaga Manso and Cristina Otero.

gennext04Benjamin von Wong
When nothing goes as planned
— – —

Are you the future of photography?
more details at Broncolor


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