The 7 Ways of Zen Landscape Photography

If you’re into landscape photography then have you tried the sub-genre of zen photography? It’s an interesting minimalist approach to capturing the beauty found in nature. Daniel Laan provides some ways you can start incorporating this process into your work.
Article by Daniel Laan

daniellaan01a daniellaan01b daniellaan01cZen photography comes naturally with an empty mind. It’s both waiting for a moment where light, shape, and dynamics fall into place, and being devoid of planning in advance. Instead of checking the weather online before a shoot, you just venture out and essentially wing it. It’s all about being in the moment. As a landscape photographer, I want to share the ways of this minimalist sub-genre.

daniellaan01dThe 7 Ways of Zen Landscape Photography
by Daniel Laan

more in Bokeh Mag Vol 50
via Bokeh Online

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