Through the Centuries, New York From Above

“Manhattan has been compelled to expand skyward because of the absence of any other direction in which to grow,” E.B. White wrote in “Here is New York,” his classic 1949 essay. “This, more than any other thing, is responsible for its physical majesty.”

nyabove01aThe steel-and-glass towers of Manhattan’s Financial District.
— – —

nyabove01bUnited States Army Air Corp biplanes flying in formation over Midtown Manhattan and the recently completed Chrysler Building. Circa early 1930s.
Underwood Archives/Getty Images
— – —

nyabove01cWinter in Manhattan.
Taylor Scott Mason/NYonAir
— – —

nyabove01dA view of Manhattan.
Taylor Scott Mason/NYonAir
— – —

nyabove01eA view from a helicopter overlooking the George Washington Bridge in 1951.
Margaret Bourke-White/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images
— – —

nyabove01fThe World Trade Center’s Twin Towers in 1982.
Antonio Attini/Archivio White Star
— – —

Through the Centuries, New York From Above
more by Jordan G. Teicher
at NY Times


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