FOCUS First: A System for Better Photos

Recently Mark Alberhasky, photographer and leader of mentor and private photo treks, told us about a particularly effective mnemonic he’s been giving his students to help them organize their thoughts when approaching a subject. He’s found that a simple, useful, structured system goes a long way in helping them achieve better images, and his mnemonic for that system—FOCUS—not only presents important ideas in an order that makes sense in the creative process, it also suggests to the students that to get better images, they’ve got to think before they shoot. “Great shots are the product of creative intent,” Mark says, “and as soon as the students start thinking about the mnemonic, they’re engaging in the creative process.”

Here’s how FOCUS works:

markalberhasky12aFOCUS = OPTIMIZE ISO


markalberhasky12cFOCUS = UNLEASH THE INNER YOU

markalberhasky12dFOCUS = SHOOT, SHOOT, SHOOTmarkalberhasky12e— – —

FOCUS First: A System for Better Photos by Mark Alberhasky
more at Nikon


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