Photo of the Day: Best of 2016

Photo of the Day: Best of 2016

Photograph by Dariusz Kucharski and Kornelia Kucharska, National Geographic Your Shot
— – —

potd2016bA Jungle Down There
Photograph by Matthias Hauser, National Geographic Your Shot
— – —

potd2016cCloak of Color
Photograph by Ivan Dimitrov, National Geographic Your Shot
— – —

potd2016dPainted Park
Photograph by iGoal L. , National Geographic Your Shot
— – —

potd2016eTime to Go
Photograph by Akinori Koseki, National Geographic Your Shot
— – —

potd2016fPride and Power
Photograph by Bjorn Persson, National Geographic Your Shot
— – —

potd2016gAlien Glow
Photograph by Garret Suhrie, National Geographic Your Shot
— – —

Each Photo of the Day we publish is meant to inspire wonder and curiosity, to bring a unique corner of the world into focus, present a new take on the familiar, or celebrate simple beauty. And in addition to telling a visual story, we often introduce the photographer who captured the stunning shot—and reveal the effort behind it.

The best photos from this year are saturated with an intent and gravity that stay with you. The outstretched hands of a brickyard worker, the regal pose of an African lion—these are images that linger in the memory long beyond their daily moment.

more by Jeanne Modderman
at National Geographic


2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Best of 2016

  1. Hi, here you have the most beautiful posts with beautiful photos !!! Unbelievable…
    But what are the users waiting for you to ‘like’?
    They have no taste, no interest.
    I really appreciate it. thank you.

    • Thanks.
      If those pictures were mine and I interact more with the community, I would expect more likes but it’s not the case here and that’s ok.
      Photography is a big part of my life and I like to share what I find instead of liking what I see! Maybe I’m not the only one!!
      All the credits are to those brillants photographer who share their story with us, and sharing is caring so that’s what I do.
      This is my only picture online:
      The moon at the museum

      Take care 🙂

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