Behind The Camera

Behind The Camera
The sporting images of 2016, as explained by the photographers who captured them

behindthecamera12aBolt looks left | Kai Pfaffenbach Reuters
“When Usain Bolt prepared for his 100m semi final, I decided to play with slow shutter speed for that race. I set my camera [shutter speed] to a 50th of a second, and was waiting for the moment when he passed my position. In this very moment, he looked to his left with the proud smile and my first thought was: ‘Hopefully I got this sharp.’ Well, I’ve been a lucky bunny in this case, but I still would not have imagined at this moment that this picture would go viral and get worldwide recognition.”
— – —

behindthecamera12bPow! | Richard W Rodriguez Fort Worth Star-Telegram
“A ground ball was hit to third base and I started shooting as I followed the play. I lost focus as the third baseman passed in front of me, after throwing the ball to second baseman Rougned Odor [above right]. So I saw Jose Bautista’s late slide in the viewfinder, but the camera did not catch focus again until Odor turned to face him… Bautista got up, got shoved, and looked like he was going in to strike. Unfortunately for him, Odor was quicker to the punch and landed the first blow.”
— – —

behindthecamera12cParalympic performance | Buda Mendes Getty Images
“The photo was taken using a remote camera underwater. The camera used was a Canon 1Dx with a 16-35mm f2.8 lens. The camera was connected to the laptop via cables, allowing its configuration and the activation by pocket wizard. This operation was all performed in the pool position of the photographers, from where I photographed, with two other cameras. Every day, along with experienced diver Simon Lodge, I tried to take a photo from a different angle, to further enhance the content of coverage at the Paralympic Games. I studied a lot of the underwater photos produced by the Getty team during the Olympics and so came closer to the camera in the starting block, in order to enhance the movement of athletes in the water.”
— – —

behindthecamera12dGold and blue | Dan Sheridan INPHO
“The Fiji rugby team were celebrating their Olympic victory, and all the other photographers were shooting the whole team with a wide lens. But I saw this player [Ro Dakuwaqa] with the blue eye and thought it would make a really nice image if he was to bite the medal. So I shouted at a few of the players to bite their medals – and I took this image on a long lens to get the effect you see now.”
— – —

Behind The Camera
The sporting images of 2016, as explained by the photographers who captured them

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