2016 Royal Society Publishing Photography Competition

2016 Royal Society Publishing Photography Competition

royalsociety12aPicture: Prasenjeet Yadav Speeding divergence – Special commendation (Publisher’s choice). The Superb fan-throated lizard is a native to a small high-elevation, iron-rich and humid, plateau in the northern Western Ghats of India has been converted into one of Asia’s largest wind farms.
— – —

royalsociety12bPicture: Imre Potyó. Dancing with stars – Overall winner and Winner: Behaviour. This photo captures the courtship dance of the short-lived adult mayflies on the bank of the Rába River, a tributary of the Danube in Hungary. The life of an adult mayfly is very short. They hatch from their juvenile aquatic form, mate in this fantastic spectacle, and then perish. The swarming dates are unpredictable and the dance might last only a couple of hours. The mayflies start to swarm after sunset and do not leave the vicinity of the water surface during their courtship. At the beginning, females and males fly above the water surface where they copulate. After that the females begin their upstream-directed compensatory flight, which ends when they deposit their eggs onto the water surface. This shot captures the fantastic energy and chaos of the mayflies’ dance and the mood of the night time too. Nikon D90 + Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4.5 lens. Rába river, Hungary. to the asphalt roads of the bridge and perish immediately. The team of the Danube Research Institute in cooperation with the Environmental Optics Laboratory plan to solve this biooptical and environmental problem. This image is very precious to me as I can draw the attention to these spectacular water insects and their complex ecological light trap, which endanger their survival. Rába river, Hungary.
— – —

royalsociety12cPicture: Jonathan Diaz-Marba. In search of food – Runner up: Behaviour. I watched feeding griffon vultures searching inside the ribcage of a large mammal. I tried my luck using the camera inside the carcass, shooting from a hide with the help of a trigger wire. Andorra, Spain.
— – —

royalsociety12dPicture: Mark Cowan Butterflies and caiman – Special commendation. Colourful butterflies gather on the head of this caiman to collect salt – an important mineral for their survival. This photo was taken while on a scientific expedition to the Amazon Los Amigos Conservation Concession, Peru.
— – —

royalsociety12ePicture:Tane Sinclair-Taylor. In a world without colour – Winner: Ecology and Environmental Science. A solitary juvenile clown fish stands out in its colourless habitat among the tentacles of the sea anemone. This photo was shot during a research cruise documenting devastating post-bleaching coral mortality in the Farasan Banks in the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia.
— – —

2016 Royal Society Publishing Photography Competition
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