Photographs by Jon Kolkin

Work exploring the landscape, capturing the motion of water where it meets the earth.
Utilizing camera movement, combined with the photographic element of time, to create evocative images.
The photographs display a sense of graphic design within a universal theme of harmony and balance.

jonkolkin12a jonkolkin12b jonkolkin12c jonkolkin12d jonkolkin12eJon Kolkin is known for his minimalist style, stripping away all distractions and focusing on the sole of his subject matter. Like many artists before him, Jon has had a love affair with both the arts and the sciences. He was first introduced to photography as a young boy working in his father’s darkroom. He expanded his artistic horizons, becoming a nationally recognized clarinetist who toured Europe with the National Youth Symphony.

These passions, combined with his fascination with the sciences, resulted in Jon’s decision to pursue a major in chemistry at Emory University with a minor in the Arts. After college he received a degree in Medicine and has been a practicing Hand Surgeon for over 29 years. However, he never abandoned his love for the arts, taking photography courses at night while simultaneously completing his residency in Orthopedics. Jon has found novel & unique ways of combining his dual passions. He travels around the world as a medical volunteer while simultaneously working on photographic projects. Jon serves on the faculty of the Maine Media (Photographic) Workshops and is a frequent lecturer on the topic of using photography as a tool for achieving personal growth.

His captivating images have won numerous awards and have drawn the attention of private collectors throughout the United States and abroad. His work is also included in corporate & museum collections as diverse as the Ritz Carlton, the Carter Center for International Peace, Emory University, the Maine Museum of Photographic Art and Bank of America. Jon’s artwork has also been featured in numerous solo & group exhibitions around the country and in prominent photography magazines such as B&W, Color and Camera Arts.

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Photographs by Jon Kolkin

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