The “Top of the World” by Joshua Holko

The “Top of the World” by Joshua Holko

joshuaholko11aThe vast landscape and wildlife of the High Arctic – the top of the world – provides limitless photographic opportunities for those brave enough to venture there.

joshuaholko11bThose who do can look forward to dramatic scenery: iceberg flows and snowy tundra, with wildlife that includes polar bears, seals, and the Arctic fox. Depending on the season, conditions in the Arctic can get extreme and dangerous, with temperatures dropping below minus-30-degrees Celcius.

joshuaholko11c joshuaholko11dIn addition to harsh weather conditions, there is the danger of getting too close to the wildlife you are photographing. The polar bear, for one, moves very fast on the ice and snow, and will actively hunt people. So, it’s important to keep a safe distance.

joshuaholko11e joshuaholko11fDuring the 2016 PhotoPlus show in New York City, Digital Trends sat down with the winner of the 2015 Global Arctic Photographer of the Year award, Joshua Holko, and talked to him about how he got into photographing polar bears in the Arctic and penguins of the Antarctic (far treks from his home in warmer Australia), the effects of global warming, and his methods. Holko runs photography workshops and expeditions to some of the world’s wildest and remotest regions in both the Arctic and Antarctic.

joshuaholko11gJoshua Holko braves cold and claws to photograph the Arctic’s elusive beauties
more by Bill Schiffner at Digital Trends


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