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The November/December issue of Professional Photography magazine is now on sale and, as promised, it’s bigger, bolder and better!
Centre stage is a 18-page exclusive interview with Magnum Photos’ Elliott Erwitt – he’s a man of few words, but he chose them well on this day.

prophoto11eea prophoto11eeb prophoto11eecIn a 16-page retrospective, we speak to Stuart Franklin about his friend and colleague Peter Marlow – the former Magnum president – in a celebration of his life and work.

prophoto11pmdAlso find the story behind Richard Corman Photography’s Capote film cover, and the work of Peter Lindbergh, Spencer Murphy, Jim Mortram and Sandra Jordan Photography. In the business section, we discussing the prickly issue of pricing to survive, and explore Gregory Crewdson.

prophoto11ple prophoto11plfPeter Lindbergh

— – —

prophoto11coverProfessional Photography magazine
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