Evocative Wildlife

Evocative Wildlife Photo Contest Winners

evocativewildlife11a“Winter Lynx” by tracymunson
— – —

“Evocative Wildlife–Share your best wild animal photographs” was the theme for this contest and I was impressed by the high number of extraordinary images submitted.  Choosing a winner was a wonderful challenge, but it ultimately came down to identifying the best expression of photography (considering subject choice, creativity, composition, technical skill, and processing) that adhered most closely to the theme.  I specifically sought images of wild animals that strongly evoked viewers’ emotions. – Lisa Langell

evocativewildlife11bCongratulations Grand Jury Winner “Kicking up dust L8B_1511″ by Brenda13
— – —

evocativewildlife11cCongratulations Runner Up “_F0O5702r16x9 275 dpi signed large” by frankiej7
— – —

evocativewildlife11dCongratulations Runner Up “SNUG” by ScottELB
— – —

evocativewildlife11eCongratulations Amateur Winner “Long-eared owl” by clareefish
— – —

evocativewildlife11fCongratulations People’s Choice “Predator´s love” by thomasretterath
— – —

Evocative Wildlife Photo Contest Winners
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