Food Photography Awards 2016
We are excited to share the 2016 winners of TASTE, PDN’s annual food photography competition.

taste11a taste11aa“Valley of the Vines”
Emily Hlavac Green
New York, NY, United States
From a series about Valli Vineyards. Nestled amongst the rocky mountains in Gibbston Valley, New Zealand, the change of season marks the final harvest and fermentation of pinot noir wines.    6 Images
— – —

taste11b taste11bb“The History of the Strawberry”
Esha Chiocchio
Santa Fe, NM, United States
“The History of the Strawberry” explores the fruit’s beginnings, from French spy François Amadée Frézier’s encounter of the white strawberry while mapping the coasts of Chile for King Louis XIV, to the eventual crossbreeding of white and red varieties in Plougastel, France, to give birth to the strawberries we know today. Writer Chloé Batissou and Chiocchio traced Frízier’s journey to meet with growers and cultivators in Chile and France.    6 Images
— – —

taste11c“The Food of Oman”
Ariana Lindquist
New York, NY, United States
Because of the Oman’s history in the spice trade, with traders plying the waters from India to Africa, its local cuisine is the crossroads of Middle Eastern, South Asian and African flavors. “The Food of Oman” is a glimpse into a unique and little-known cuisine.    6 Images
— – —

taste11d“The All-American Redux”
Jamie Nease
San Francisco, CA, United States
A retake on the classic all-American burger.
— – —

taste11e“Baklava with Honey”
Andrew Burkle
Cleveland, OH, United States
Baklava drizzled with honey, shot for the Vitamix commercial series of international recipes.
— – —

Food Photography Awards 2016

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