Pawel Kucharski | Me and my Passion…

Pawel Kucharski | Me and my Passion…
Photography – simple word, easy definition. To take a photo – to catch a moment, to memorialize a while. For me, photography is much more. It is an ambiguous concept, with the message.

pawelkucharski10aOnce Upon a Time…
— – —

pawelkucharski10bTouch of the Light…
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My photography is my own perception of the world, my own way of feeling the reality. Photography gives me the ability to stop the fleeting moment, to grasp what is impermanent, transient: light, mood, atmosphere. The greatest difficulty, but also an art, is to capture a moment in an attractive and understandable way to others.  How to reconcile these two contradictories: show the true image and its interpretation at the same time, on the same picture?

How to wake up  someone’s feelings, memories, associations? How to stop the viewer for longer? I’m still learning  it, constantly improving my skills. My next works arise more and more consciously. My message is more and more clear, easy perceivable, I hope.

pawelkucharski10cHis Highness the Kannesteinen…
— – —

pawelkucharski10dThe Atlantic Road…
— – —

Pawel Kucharski Photography
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