Our World in Motion

We live in a world in motion. Forever changing and growing, moving and blurring. Our job as still photographers – and your assignment – is to capture it. How do you show a world in motion? Of course, you think of bicycles blurring, people dancing, or birds in flight but also think of ripples on a lake, or wrinkles on skin. Star trails hint at the earth’s rotation as a lava flow builds a new world. Motion is progress and propulsion. Cultures and norms are forever in flux – advancing and contracting – they too are in motion.

So we ask you to sit quietly for a moment contemplating Our World In Motion, then grab your cameras and capture it!

motion10aInadvertent Actions by Joako Mendonça
— – —

motion10bHarley-Davidson Burnout by Justin Carrasquillo
— – —

motion10cfrightened and hold the window by Enamul Hasan
— – —

motion10dTeal by Warren Keelan
— – —

motion10eThe Postponement of the Picnic by Norman Fairman
— – —

Our world in Motion
a lot more at National Geographic


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