Beautiful Landscapes by Lior Yaakobi

Beautiful Landscapes
by Lior Yaakobi

I’m a passionate self-taught Photographer from Israel. I used to live in Boulder, Colorado, for several years and recently moved back to Israel. Photography becomes a real passion for me, mostly in the last couple of years. I travel a lot and always combining my travel hobbies (treks and mountain climbing) with my photography passion. Landscape photography is what attracts me the most but I’m trying to open myself to other types of photography. I’m always trying to give my additional view or look at my photos and to bring something that will tell a story of the place. I’m working for an international software company and currently living in Kibbutz Givat Haim Ichud. Been using Canon 7D with 10-22 lens for most of my work but recently I’m working with the Nikon D610 and the 16-35mm for landscape with the “support” of the 70-200mm lens.

lioryaakobi10a lioryaakobi10b lioryaakobi10c lioryaakobi10d lioryaakobi10eBeautiful Landscapes by Lior Yaakobi
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