Photo Foodie

Photo Foodie
The First Russian Food Photography Magazine

photofoodie09aRussian Foodie – Russia’s first online culinary magazine, which was the result of a large and close-knit team of talented and enthusiastic about their work people: journalists, bloggers, photographers, designers – most of these foodie.

photofoodie09bWho are a foodie? These are people for whom food – not only the satisfaction of physiological needs, but also a favorite hobby, endless space for creativity, a way of knowing ourselves and the world. They are interested in everything that is somehow related to cooking: fresh recipes, unusual dishes, the food industry, the science of nutrition, workshops, gastronomic travel, and the aesthetic aspect plays an important role for them: they love beautiful food and beautiful view. Our magazine about them and for them.

photofoodie09cThe mission of our magazine – to change food culture, to acquaint readers with new dishes, products, show that a beautiful and high quality food – it’s fast, easy and accessible to everyone.

photofoodie09dWe are for a person without special education and special skills have the opportunity to cook any recipe from the outlet in the kitchen tonight. That is why we are publishing a large number of simple and successful recipes, including turn-based (primarily seasonal ingredients), materials about products, dishes, food, photography, culinary tourism, culinary school, restaurants, books and blogs. We also place our interviews with inspiring personalities: chefs, cookbook authors, restaurateurs, food producers.

photofoodie09eThe First Russian Food Photography Magazine
more at: Russian Foodie


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