I Found My Way in Photography

I Found My Way in Photography
Exclusive Interview with Kerstin Arnemann

kerstinarnemann10a kerstinarnemann10b kerstinarnemann10c kerstinarnemann10d kerstinarnemann10eTell us a bit about your background in photography and where you’re living currently
My name is Kerstin, German national, residing actually in Malta, a tiny island in the Mediterranean sea. My main passion is Fine Art Photography in B&W. My journey in photography started only in 2012 joining a local photography group in Malta. I initially took many pictures, exploring different things, uncertain of my direction. I found myself quickly attracted to geometric shapes, lines and forms of architecture. Still uncertain of my personal development, I contacted Julia Anna Gospodarou and decided to enroll in a mentoring period with her. This was a big turning point in my photography career. She taught me the technique of long exposure, and her famous concepts of “photography drawing” as well as “Envisionography”. An experience, which I will treasure. I really enjoyed her mentoring and teaching and it changed completely my way of seeing and thinking in photography.

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