Bears and Penguins | Daisy Gilardini

In conversation with Daisy Gilardini
Canada-based Daisy Gilardini specialises in photographing the stories behind environmental and wildlife conservation issues in cold places.

daisygilardini10a daisygilardini10b daisygilardini10c daisygilardini10d daisygilardini10e… What Daisy likes to do most is take photographs, especially of bears. And to do so she left the urban financial centre of Europe to take up residence on the west coast of Canada in Vancouver. Today she describes herself as mainly a wildlife photographer – ‘bears and penguins’ – specialising in the cold bits at the top and bottom of the planet. She goes on to further refine this as ‘mainly bears’, which is largely due to the fact that she has recently been heavily committed to producing her new book Bear Tales, a lovely monograph of grizzly, polar, black and spirit bears (the latter of which is a black bear with a genetic variation that makes it appear white.) Her book celebrates their aesthetic beauty and the wildness of their habitat as much as commenting on the fragility of their world. …

more in Outdoor Photography – October 2016


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