Masters 2016 | ‘Inspire’

Masters 2016 | ‘Inspire’
See what the winners created

inspire2016aLars van de Goor
“With my images and my way of editing, I hope to inspire people to go to the forests, revalue the woods and experience the wonder of something that has become too ordinary.”
— – —

inspire2016bGiorgio Cravero
“A healthy diet is closely connected with the concept of beauty, but everyone is more concerned with the achievement of exterior beauty than what beauty in its broadest sense actually represents.”
— – —

inspire2016cKaterina Belkina
“Nature, love, and fantasy are ways to perceive and manifest humanity — it’s the discovery of the world through self-discovery.”
— – —

inspire2016dNatalia Evelyn Bencicova
“People are the reason for the existence of a place like this, for its present magic and atmosphere.”
— – —

inspire2016eRoy Rossovich
“I wanted to build my story around where I grew up and where that initial urge to create first manifested itself.”
— – —

inspire2016fDavid Peskens
“I want to inspire people to be curious about their own neighbourhoods and to get out of their comfort zones.”
— – —

Masters 2016 | ‘Inspire’
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