We inspire

We inspire No.13
Camerapixo Photography Magazine
82 published photographers

camerapixo09aDavid Lazar
— – —

camerapixo09bKirill Buryak
— – —

camerapixo09cDavid Martinez Lombardia
— – —

camerapixo09dWitold Steblik
— – —

camerapixo09eNicholas Roemmelt
— – —

Perfection is not the goal, it is the journey to becoming a more enriching photographer. Some photographers are born with confidence and self-belief, while others hide their pictures away and are too busy with life to build up their confidence and self esteem. Publishing your images and exposing your work to all different kinds of people will be the breakthrough that will really help to get your name out there as a new emerging photographer. Photography is an art and opinions will always be different, some people will be rapturous over a picture that others merely find competent. Don’t compare yourself to others but learn from their perspectives and their stories, and don’t get caught up in who is better no matter of the level of your photography. After all photographers are the engineers of how people see the world. So publish your images and never look back, give the best of yourself.

We inspire No.13 Camerapixo Photography Magazine
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