Maria Rosenblatt | “Self-Escape”

Maria Rosenblatt | “Self-Escape”

mariarosenblatt09aAbout the project: As an artist I’m always looking for the ways to express our inner thoughts, feelings and fears and as a professional photographer I’m working with artists making portfolio pictures for them. Lyudwig Ispiryanthe leading dancer of Israeli Ballet, whom I was capturing for his professional purposes during the session so inspired me with his movements and gestures that I succeeded to fulfil the idea that I had before in my head and to make the series of pictures that show how people sometimes are trying to escape from their minds, their feelings, their own inner world, their fears and anxieties. I made this using studio lighting and long exposure.

mariarosenblatt09b mariarosenblatt09c mariarosenblatt09d mariarosenblatt09e mariarosenblatt09fMaria Rosenblatt | “Self-Escape”

via lensmagazine


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