The Humanist French Photographer Marc Riboud Has Died Aged 93

The Humanist French Photographer Marc Riboud Has Died Aged 93

marcriboud09aThe portrait became iconic overnight. Photographed in Washington D.C. in 1967, it showed a Vietnam War protester, Jan Rose Kasmir, holding a flower as she confronted a row of National Guard servicemen outside the Pentagon. The image became a symbol of the flower power movement and helped change public opinion against a war that had already lasted more than a decade.

marcriboud09bIts creator, the French humanist photographer Marc Riboud, died on Aug. 30. He was 93.
Riboud was a photography giant. An early Magnum Photos member – he joined in 1953, before the prestigious agency even had a proper membership process – he was best known for his photographic explorations across China, Japan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and Turkey, among many other countries. In 1963, he photographed Fidel Castro after the Cuban leader turned up in his hotel room. The resulting pictures were published around the world, cementing Riboud’s reputation.

marcriboud09cRiboud’s obsession was with photographing life” at its most intense,” he once wrote. “It’s a mania, a virus as strong as my instinct to be free. If taste for life diminishes, the photographs pale, because taking pictures is like savoring life at 125th of a second.”

marcriboud09dmore by Olivier Laurent at Time

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