The Best National Parks For Photography

For the 100th anniversary of America’s national parks, we decided to find out which ones you—the Pop Photo readers—love most. From your responses to our annual reader survey, we highlighted the 25 top parks for getting the widest range of great pictures, along with the top choices from six individual nature specialties: wildlife, forests, meadows and wildflowers, deserts, mountains, and bodies of water.

NationalParks09aYellowstone is astounding year-round; Richard Bernabe encountered this Mustard Spring scene in early autumn.
— – —

NationalParks09bTo get a novel view of the Tetons, Tim Fitzharris walked into the Snake River and found a reflection.
— – —

NationalParks09cArt Wolfe made this image of two bison going head-to-head during a cold-weather trip to Yellowstone.
— – —

NationalParks09dTim Fitzharris caught the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes just before sunset and framed his shot to avoid footprints.
— – —

The Best National Parks For Photography
more by Travis Marshall at Popular Photography

NationalParks09eBrad Sutton
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