Into the Wild

Wild animals and breath-taking landscapes
It is hard to get enough of the forces of nature as seen in photographs by Jody MacDonald, Jonathan Andrew, Wolf Ademeit, or Greg Pease. It does not matter if that means a spectacular and breathlessly tranquil close-up of a rhino or the photograph of a pachyderm in the rich greens of the Indian jungle – these works rediscover our world. Greg Pease knows how fascinating water can be; like a chain of pearls, sailboats dot the horizon above the water, appearing nearly weightless. From the Faroe Islands, Jonathan Andrew brings us pictures full of suggestive power. The photographer masterfully captures the endless expanse of the impressive natural scenery. These, and many other, landscapes from the LUMAS portfolio, are an homage to traveling and far-off lands.

IntoTheWild09aRajan I by Jody MacDonald

IntoTheWild09bJaime Rishar II by Michel Comte

IntoTheWild09cSchooners Racing on the Chesapeake Bay by Greg Pease

IntoTheWild09dPurple Trees by Christiane Steinicke

IntoTheWild09eRhino Portrait by Wolf Ademeit

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“Into the Wild”
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