My London

A 2017 photography calendar created by people who have been homeless. Unique photos, inspiring stories. A beautiful gift.

The Cafe Art 2017 MyLondon calendar is a social enterprise initiative for London homelessness art groups and individuals who have been affected by homelessness.
In July this year, at St Paul’s Cathedral, 105 FujiFilm single-use cameras were handed out to people affected by homelessness, with the theme “My London”. Training on how to use the cameras was given by The Royal Photographic Society [The RPS] in June, and again on the day of the handout.

It’s a follow-up to the successful 2016 calendar that went viral last year. It resulted in partnerships with projects around the world. As well as running MinhaSao Paulo in Brazil in November with With One Voice, we are helping several other cities including MySydney, MyBudapest, MyNew Orleans who are all doing calendars this year and MyToronto which will launch in 2017. All projects are grass-roots run and funded locally, and we encourage people to support them too!

MyLondon08aGraffiti Area by Saffron Saidi

MyLondon08bSt Paul’s in Reflection by Christopher McTavish

MyLondon08cLondon calling by Hugh Gary

MyLondon08dGroup stretch by Siliana

MyLondon08eThe Coffee Roaster by Leo Shaul

— – —

My London
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