Laci Perényi’s incredible sports photography

Ever since making the switch from being an elite swimmer to a sports photographer in the 1970s, Canon Explorer Laci Perényi has been photographing the greatest games on earth. As he prepares for his 10th summer Olympics, he shares his tricks of the trade for keeping up with the best.

LaciPerényi08a LaciPerényi08b LaciPerényi08c LaciPerényi08d LaciPerényi08eThe Magic of the Games: Laci Perényi’s incredible career
Laci Perényi’s boundless energy is matched by seemingly endless experience, giving the German photographer an unbeatable temperament that inspires confidence. He has witnessed Olympic history first-hand, capturing moments of heroic success and failure in stunning detail and beautifully timed observation. He is a staple of the sports photography industry and a character to boot.

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