These Are the Top Drone Photos in the World

See the winners of the third annual Dronestagram contest.

First Place, Nature-Wildlife
Wielding his Phantom 3 drone, Michael Bernholdt took this photo of Demark’s Kalbyris Forest. “To my luck it had snowed all day so that the pine wood really stood out,” he says.

Dronestagram07aPhotograph by Michael B. Rasmussen

— – —

Dronestagram07bSecond Place, Nature-Wildlife
Photograph by Szabolcs Ignacz, Dronestagram
— – —

Dronestagram07cThird Place, Nature-Wildlife
Photograph by Jonathan Payet, Dronestagram
— – —

Dronestagram07dFirst Place, Sports Adventure
Photograph by Max Seigal, Dronestagram
— – —

Dronestagram07eSecond Place, Sports Adventure
Photograph by Los Manes del Drone, Dronestagram
— – —

Dronestagram07fThird Place, Sports Adventure
Photograph by High Angle Shot, Dronestagram
— – —

Dronestagram07gFirst Place, Travel
Photograph by Francesco Cattuto, Dronestagram
— – —

Dronestagram07hSecond Place, Travel
Todd Kennedy took this photo on his honeymoon in Cable Beach, Australia. When he and his spouse went on a sunset camel tour, he brought his drone and captured it from above.
— – —

Dronestagram07iThird Place, Travel
Photograph by Karolis Janulis, Dronestagram
— – —

via nationalgeographic


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