Siegart von Schlichting | Living a Photo Artistic Life

Living a Photo Artistic Life
Siegart von Schlichting

SiegartvonSchlichting07a SiegartvonSchlichting07b » In a way through my art I can be a child again. There is so much to discover, so much to express. Many things appear, which are new to me and take me by surprise — crazy ideas, sophisticated and erotic ideas, dramatic and dark aspects of living. « 

SiegartvonSchlichting07c SiegartvonSchlichting07d » All my life I wanted to paint, but I wasn’t talented enough or maybe not patient enough. Photography and Photoshop with all its possibilities are giving me the opportunity to be an artist. « 

— – —

Siegart von Schlichting
Living the Photo Artistic Life

Pushing Photography Further
Issue No17 – July 2016


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