The Kennel Club | Dog Photographer of the Year

Dog Photographer of the Year
The Kennel Club

DogPOTY07aOverall Winner / Dogs at Work 1st Place Winner, Anastasia Vetkovskaya, Russia
Title of image: “Foggy Morning”
Dog: Sheldon, English Springer Spaniel
— – —

DogPOTY07bDog Portrait 1st Place Winner, Jamie Morgan, UK
Title of image: “The Dogs that Rocked – Elvis & Ozzie”
Dogs: Ozzie and Elvis, Afghan Hounds, captured in the beautiful Ashdown Forest, Sussex
— – —

DogPOTY07cPuppies 1st Place Winner, Linda Storm, USA
Title of image: “Snack time”
Dog: Cross Breed
— – —

DogPOTY07dOldies 1st Place Winner, Kevin Smith, UK
Title of image: ‘Fireside Lizzie’
Dog: Lizzie, Cross Breed
— – —

DogPOTY07eMan’s Best Friend 1st Place Winner, Fiona Sami, UK
Title of image: “The Journey”
Dog: name (unknown), Terrier Cross Breed
— – —

DogPOTY07fDogs at Play 1st Place Winner, Tom Lowe, UK
Title of image: “Baxter’s Highland Adventure”
Dog: Baxter, West Highland White Terrier
— – —

DogPOTY07gI Love Dogs Because …1st Place Winner, Jade Hudson, UK
Title of image: “Sleeping Beauty”
Dog: Hugo, Labrador Retriever
— – —

DogPOTY07hAssistance Dogs and Dog Charities 1st Place Winner, Michael Higginson, UK
Title of image: “The Watchdog”
Dog: Esta, German Shorthaired Pointer
— – —

The Kennel Club | Dog Photographer of the Year
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