Iglobalphotographers Magazine | Portrait Photography

2nd Edition is a collection of specifically, the best photographs (Most of the photos in the magazine) that are already featured in the Iglobalphotographers Instagram Page. 2nd edition is a collection of outstanding Photographs with the aim of demonstrating the beauty found in the world of photography.

Iglobalphotographers07a“Being happy is easy”
Photo by – Mc Mumu, Location – Indonesia, Instagram ID -@Indonesia

Iglobalphotographers07b Iglobalphotographers07c Iglobalphotographers07dA local man smoking a bidi in the streets of Pushkar, Rajasthan
Photo by – Ashish Chopra, Location – India, Instagram ID -@Ashishchopra

Iglobalphotographers07eIglobalphotographers Magazine is published by Iglobalphotographers Community (IGP); a community founded in April 2015 with the aim of promotes amateur photography and connecting Instagram Photographers with their Global colleagues.

Website : iglobalphotographers.org


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