African Wildlife | Francois Pringuet

“An African safari is one of the most unforgettable experiences a nature photographer can have.”
African Wildlife Interview with François Pringuet

FrancoisPringuet06a FrancoisPringuet06b FrancoisPringuet06c FrancoisPringuet06d FrancoisPringuet06eAfrican Wildlife | Francois Pringuet
Adore Noir – June 2016
Let us inspire you! Adore Noir is a fine-art photography magazine which celebrates works in black and white. Each bimonthly issue features six photographers ranging from world renowned professionals to those just starting out. Since its inception in the spring of 2011 it has found its audience among collectors, gallerists and photographers. Adore Noir serves as an inspiration to many as it draws in each reader with its in-depth Q & A interviews and photos. You get to know about each featured photographer, where their inspiration springs from and how their process works.


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