Long-exposure photography by Matthew Pillsbury

Matthew Pillsbury specializes in black and white large format, long-exposure photography made using only available light. Fascinated by the act of viewing, Pillsbury continues his exploration of voyeurism but for the first time in color, represented in a series of new work that juxtaposes technology, classical architecture and museum interiors with the modern tourist as found in Toyko, New York, and Italy.

MatthewPillsburyC06aGoya’s Duchess of Alba – “Goya: Order & Disorder, ” Boston
— – —

MatthewPillsburyC06bGrand Palais des Glaces, Paris 2014
— – —

MatthewPillsburyC06cDinosaur American, Museum of Natural History, New York, 2015
— – —

MatthewPillsburyC06dMorning Rave, Judson Memorial Church, 2014
— – —

MatthewPillsburyC06eDaibutsu Kotokuin Temple, Kamakura, Japan
— – —

Matthew Pillsbury Photography
more at jacksonfineart


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