10 Years of Landscapes by Jakub Polomski

10 Years of Landscapes
by Jakub Polomski

JakubPolomski05aLandscapes is the category of photography I like the most. My favorite subjects of photographs are mountains, and I enjoy travelling to cold locations. This year I celebrate 10th year of my photographic journey through the mountains of the world.

JakubPolomski05bSometimes I wonder why do I like such places so much. There is some paradox in the answer. I struggle with a fear of heights. I like photographing mountains especially during extreme conditions, when clouds form unique shapes over them. However I cannot stand even on the exposed ridge, because it’s ending up with shaking legs and paralyzed body. Most of my mountain landscapes were taken from quite safe places available to reach for everyone with no need of climbing skills. It’s nice to get proposals from professional alpinists to photograph ascent to e.g. Matterhorn, with regret however, I always have to refuse. By fear of heights issue I miss lots of sceneries in my photographic journey. Recently, I am solving this issue by using drone to take pictures. However it would be great to stand on a peak one day.

JakubPolomski05cDuring last 10 years I took photos in Alps, Andes, Carpathians, Lofoten, and in Iceland. I invite you to my realm of majestic mountains and cold locations of Europe and South America.

JakubPolomski05dmore photos & prints


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